Prestige Cut Melee

100 Assortments from

0.01ct -0.10 ct

Your creations are important to you; they reflect your art, personality, professionalism and reputation, that why you take care to make sure the quality and workmanship of your craft is second to none.


When we cut our melee we take the same care and make sure the quality and workmanship of our craft is also second to none. We feel the primary purpose of our diamonds is to enhance your reputation.

By measuring our melee's brightness and supplying you only the best of the best we assure your creations stand out head and shoulders ahead of the rest. It's a difference your customers appreciate.


Setting times reduced by as much as 30% - by utilizing our brilliantly superior, peerlessly consistent product, you will save fully 30% of the time you allocate to set much piece of jewelry. And time as you know is money.


Superior Colors– for a dazzlingly gorgeous appearance that will catch clients eyes above all others. You will experience a distinct upswing in unsolicited customer comments on the hues and brilliance of pieces set with our gorgeous melee.


Our melee is cut first and foremast to maximize brightness and beauty. We believe these aspects more than any other; go hand in hand with your creations.


One look at our melee and certainly you will notice the brightness and beauty that these magnificent diamonds possess. 

Consistent cuts, high polish, superb symmetry, set easy, face up better and light your jewelry on fire.