Hearts & Arrows Cut 

The Hearts & Arrows cut is considered the finest and most exclusive in the industry. It is thus named because using a special scope can actually see the images of Hearts & Arrows in the stone.


Azuelos Diamond's cutters spend the time to finish the cut of each diamond with the greatest precision possible. Symmetry grade is based on the "neatness" in the shape and placement of facets that yield exact mirror images of opposite features. Specific facets must be aligned 180 degrees opposite of each other to get the beautiful impact Hearts & Arrows pattern. 


While it takes approximately one day to cut on average 1.01 Ct Round diamond, it can take up to two days to cut an ideal cut and even longer to finish a Hearts & Arrows stone because of the precision needed in the symmetry.


On average, cutting a Hearts & Arrows ideal cut stone will require 15-20% greater waste of the original rough diamond. The time we spend to cut the Hearts & Arrows Diamond, the high waste of rough during the cutting process and the demand for Hearts and Arrows diamonds results in a premium price. Less than 5% of all diamonds in the world are cut to ideal cut and less than 3% display Hearts & Arrows. 


At Azuelos Diamonds Company we find out that round brilliant diamonds with the sharp and distinct pattern under the Hearts and Arrows will consistently display exceptional fire, scintillation and brightness to the eye.


If you want to present in your store the most beautiful and romantic diamond, then getting an ideal cut diamond with a Hearts & Arrows pattern will probably produce long-term satisfaction to your customers. 


Check with us now how you can produce this beautiful diamond in your store at great prices and beautiful sales tools that can immediately increase your sales. 

The magnificent impact

Of the Hearts & Arrows Diamond