Buy With Confidence

Following the efforts of the UN, the Kimberly Process was implemented in 2003, in the cause of granting that no "conflict diamonds" enter the world market.Today 74 governments  are abound to the Kimberly Process, ensuring that more then 99% of the worlds  rough diamonds are certified from conflict free sources.


In order to ensure this; each shipment of rough diamonds to the Azuelos Company comes with a sealed certificate assuring it is originated from conflict free sources.  


Conflict diamonds are diamonds which are mined in an illegal mean, by rebel forces in different countries in Africa, and used to finance their operation. The process of reaching these diamonds is leaded by abusing and exploration of the local population. These actions by the anti government military forces came to notice by the U.N.


Diamond manufacturing countries and states that export and import diamonds, diamond industry representatives and NGO (Non Governmental Organizations), have combined their efforts to help establish peace in the war torn areas.International security polices such as the Kimberley process and the System of Warranties have succeeded in reducing conflict diamonds. 

In order not to live any doubt,  the World Diamond Council has extended  the Kimberly Process and supplied the customer  with the" System of Warranties" , at Azuelos we sell our cut and polished diamonds by making sure that the diamonds were not involved in funding conflict  and stating it in every invoice .