Target Market:


Spain, Mexico and South America

With the unique and exclusive product Azualos Company expects control of up to 10% of the engagement rings by the end of 2015 in the target countries.


Our product provides a solution for the customer to see the details of the Diamond Jewelry online and the possibility to integrate the product information to other potential customers and increasing demand for the jewelry Brand in stores.

Our products have several unique features:


1. Jewel appear online

2. Impressing unique package for each jewelry

3. Integration between client to other potential customers

4. Increased demand for jewelry store  by online program integration


About The product:


Engagement rings and diamond jewelry

The jewelry comes with unique and prestigious package

Each Engagement ring appear online

Product marketing system is an innovative

The company focuses on innovative product marketing and social media methods


The client will interest to purchase the product both because of its uniqueness package, the option to see the jewelry online and the ability to integrate the acquired product to other customers.

The goal of the company sales:


The company aim to sell by any franchisee at the first year every month around 50 Diamonds Jewelry & Diamonds Engagement Rings.


Potential profits:


The Diamonds & Jewelry that the company sell have now have a constant price list for all countries.


However, during periods of holidays and special events in the destination country will be given discounts.




The stores will sale jewelry from 50% to 100% above the price Azuelos supply.

Prices depending on the type of jewelry and according to seasonal discounts and campaigns


The Percentage of investment in each Item 

1. 40% of engagement rings

2. 20% Pendants

3. 20% of the pairs of earrings

4. 10% Bracelets

5. 10% of men's jewelry

Percent of the investment in each type of item can be change depend on market request 


Schedule for operate the business.


From the signing of the franchise agreement and the receipt of payment from the Concessionaire, the Concessionaire will establish the store within 90 day.

In addition, the Company committed to provide the jewelry and the models selected by the Concessionaire within 90 days of signing


Method of payment:


Payment for the franchise will be cash while signing the agreement

For The merchandise concessionaire will pay 50% when putting the order and 50% before shipment

On advertising materials and accounting papers customer pays separately with the signing of the franchise agreement.