Excellent Ideal Cut


Cut is the most important factor affecting the beauty of a diamond.

As a company that strives to supply our customers with diamonds of the finest cut, we are constantly working to improve the cut quality of our diamonds. In this effort we benefit from the first-class professionals workers in the industry and state-of-the-art technology.


All Azuelos diamonds pass through the quality control department, to ensure that the cut meets the high standards we have set. We specialize in Hearts & Arrows Cut, Excellent Ideal Cut and Tolkowsky Ideal Cut, the leading cuts in the word, which project maximum brilliance from the diamond and give every piece of jewelry a special radiance.


 If you want to purchase diamonds for your store, don't compromise on the quality of cut. A diamond should be exactly what your customer expects to see extraordinarily brilliant and radiant. Thus, you need to buy your diamonds from the top professionals.

We cut to perfection to project

Maximum brilliance