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The Azuelos Diamonds and Jewelry Company stands among the leading companies that specialize in manufacturing Hearts & Arrows Excellent Ideal Cut and Tolkowsky Ideal Cut, from sizes of 0.10 point Up to 1.10 Ct clearly VVS1 to SI2, Colors D to I.

Our clientele ranges from jewelry-store owners to large wholesalers. We specially accommodate diamond vendors by educating them in company branding and selling the diamonds.The Azuelos Company perfects unique diamonds with the finest jewelry production.


First Impressions


We strive to “wow” our clients during their visits. Our clients notice our professional service and extensive range of options of beautiful jewelry. From your first interaction with the company, you will undoubtedly notice the unique accommodations from our knowledgeable representatives, and the many options you have to satisfy your every need in diamond retailing. Above all, Azuelos Diamonds and Jewelry Company ensure our clients’ satisfaction. 


We Provide Only the Finest Quality Diamonds


We are a company that does not compromise on the quality of manufacturing our precious gems. Rest assured we employ the most advanced technology to ensure the finest quality jewelry. We also invest in an important quality assurance department, to inspect every single piece of jewelry before deeming it worthy of our clients. We place high expectations on ourselves to meet or exceed our clients’ high expectations.


Exclusive Free Gift with Purchase 


Look for Azuelos Brand when you purchase your diamond or jewelry. We include an exclusive gift to accompany your purchase that no other leading brands offer. Jewelry-store owners and wholesale`s benefit from this exclusive package, and so do their clientele.


Exceptional Assistance and Support


We proudly make sure our clients have personalized experiences with attentive assistance during their experience with one of our representatives. What makes us stand out is that we also educate our clients about our brand and the unique ways in which we operate so that they can enhance their business. We excel in matching our various retail abilities to suit each vendor personally. We proudly provide a unique experience to each of our clients to suit every individual vendor's need. 

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