Color Enhanced Diamonds




Color diamonds are natural diamonds. The process is used on polished diamonds only; color diamond process is a mechanical simulation of how the diamond is naturally created in the nature. By different levels and timing of an electronic beam put through the diamond at high temperatures. We use the process for each color and shape of diamond, assuring the max brilliance. 

Non radioactive treatment is included in the process.





Fancy colored diamonds which are naturally colored diamonds are very rare, proximally 1-2 Carats of every 3000 Carats. This explains their high price and the common white diamonds. By using our color diamond service you gain:


1. Accessibility: The color diamonds are available in a variety of colors in any shape,

and quantity you desire.


2. Beauty: New jewelry creation with the remarkable and amazing colors you are exposed to.


3. The high Demand: Colored diamonds became a mainstream trend among the buying public, the interest is more popular than ever.


4. Price: In most cases in will be the same price as the regular natural diamonds.


5. Upgrade: you upgrade you're client with a more prestige product at very low price.

Natural Diamonds

Color Enhanced