A message from the chairman

The Azuelos family and company have always had the goal of making our name a symbol of quality and exclusivity, and standing at the forefront of the diamond and jewelry industry.


At Azuelos Diamonds, we see you, the client, as an integral part of our company. We are committed to your business success, and offer you personal guidance regarding the company brands.


In recent years, the Azuelos clients have become accustomed to the benefits of high-standard, cutting-edge service, and one of the company’s main objectives is to continually improve these services.


Azuelos jewelry and diamonds are known as world leaders in quality. They are supplied in an exclusive marketing package, described on our website.

A growing number of clients are discovering that the Azuelos Hearts & Arrows and Excellent Ideal cuts bring out the maximum brilliance of the diamond, giving every piece of jewelry an exceptional sparkle.


We are certain that the exclusive Azuelos brands and our energetic marketing activities will continue to ensure the success of our clients.

I would like to thank all our clients for your trust and cooperation. I am confident that we can look forward to many more years of thriving, successful business together.

Jacob Azuelos

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