Investing for booth in a mall


1.150,000 Euro for jewelry booth in a mall,  50% of this amount  will not be returned to the Investor in case of cancellation of the agreement or franchise for any reason after 30 days from signing (as shown in the Concession Agreement)


2. the concessionaire will need to invest 75,000 Euros in Diamonds and jewelry 


3. The owner of the franchise will produce a local carpenter to create furniture shop by shpe, color and style as  it agree between the Azuelos company to the Concessionaire  


4. The concessionaire will need to show the store program furniture before for Azuelos company approval 


5. The concession committed to purchase all the paperwork, catalogs and postcards advertising from Azuelos Company.


6. 10% of the concession cost will invest in advertising of Azuelos jewelry  in the country \ city of the franchise


7. The Concessionaire shall bear all expenses related to the opening of business includes rental of the building and the necessary permits in the country for import the diamond jewelry


8. Each month the concessionaire will pay  6% of the  circle sales to Azuelos Copmany


9. Minimum both size should be 10 square meters


10. For the concessionaire will be provide Marketing and Advertising programs by Azuelos Company and assistance in marketing programs